Koop een Nieuwe / Buy a New One
– Marie-Anne Faustinelli ft. Damion Grey, co-produced by VPRO Dorst & Kuub

Koop Een Nieuwe, aka Buy a New One, focuses on consumption and our tendency to buy things like our lives depend on it. For this music video, I joined the art team and also worked on the typography and graphic design.
Director: Marie-Anne Faustinelli, Kuub producer: Michael van Kraalingen and Manon Zwaan, VPRO producer: Nynke Jurgens, editor-in-chief VPRO: Ruby Deelen, editor VPRO: Randy Vermeulen, DOP: Merel Oenema, assistant director: Amy Janna, concept: Marie-Anne Faustinelli, Naomi Michelle Andriessen and Myrtle Swchwrm, design: Myrtle Swchwrm, Nick Beens and Eva Bosveld, floor director: Caspar Commijs, music: Marie-Anne Faustinelli and Myrtle Swchwrm, music producer: Bartjan van den Beukel, graphic design: Eva Bosveld, editor and casting: Róman Luijks, editing: Goos van den Berg